An Expansive Project

For large warehouse, such as the one designed by NZCEL for WineWorks, special consideration is required. Enormous spans are required across these storage spaces, so that columns do not interfere with the flow of traffic and the availability of storage space.

NZCEL was faced with problem, one that they were eager to solve. A new build was required for this warehouse, and a unique solution was created to encompass the total floor area of 14,250 m2. To leave the area open for use, steel trusses large enough to span the warehouse were required. The challenge was clear. The truss would span 75 m, and ensure that the roof, even at its 20 m-high apex, was suitably supported.

It was a solution for resilience, and it was a solution that worked. It protects not only the people working in the warehouse, but also the products they work with, the products that are their livelihoods.