Keeping Wellington

The Waterloo Hotel is an iconic six-storey concrete building, which was designed and constructed circa 1935. The Waterloo Hotel has an incredible history and is one of Wellington’s few art deco buildings. It is one of the very first examples of podium and tower structures built in Wellington.

After the Seddon (2013) and Kaikoura (2017) earthquakes, there was some concern in regards to the safety of the hotel. NZCEL were engaged to assess the seismic capacity of the existing building and provide strengthening to a minimum rating of 80% New Zealand Building Standard (NBS). The seismic rating of the existing building was deemed to be approximately 37% NBS.  Our Proposed strengthening included adding robust steel soldiers to improve the out of plane capacity of the interior partitions. As well, the columns were wrapped with the optimal Fibre Reinforced Polymers (FRP) in order to increase their strength.

The work we did ensures that the Waterloo building will still be able to be enjoyed by the generation to come.