Getting the Job Done

When a job needs to be done, it gets done at NZCEL. Takiri North was the first of these two Paraparaumu-based developments, and was completed within a 40-week time frame in 2016. The development itself aims to enrich the nearby community, providing high-quality office spaces, retail outlets, eateries, and outdoor spaces for those living within the area.

Takiri North provided a challenge to NZCEL. Time pressure was present from the onset, but we were able to rise to the occasion. Together with Buchan Architects and Ebert Construction, NZCEL reached a harmony within the project. This enabled us to meet the goals necessary to fit within the strict timeframe.

The structure itself was relatively simple. We used a two-way moment frame, sitting on timber piles, and were able to save time and money by simplifying details which repeated throughout the structure.  A similar office structure, Takiri South, is planned to be completed in 2020.