The owner, Strada Ltd, purchased the building a few years ago and now have plans to strengthen and develop the building with an art gallery planned on one of the floors. NZCEL were initially appointed to complete the design to tie back and support the brick façade, and are now proud to be part of the team completing the wider strengthening and refurbishment of this beautiful building. NZCEL are working with Foster + Melville architects and the owner Chris Parkin. The strengthening scheme includes internal eccentric steel k-braces providing increased lateral strength, along with additional façade strengthening to compliment the previous work completed. NZCEL’s recommendation for additional soil testing resulted in a 15% load reduction and associated cost savings.

The 1925 Mountain Safety House, previously called British Cars House and Perth Chambers, is an example of the Chicago architectural style which was popular during the inter-war period. The building is a short distance from Courtenay Place in Wellington and has a lot of historical value through its association with the development of Te Aro from a wetland, to a slum, to a centre of trade for local fruit and vegetables, to one of Wellington’s most vibrant entertainment districts. The building has retained a significant amount of its exterior fabric and contributes to the Courtenay Place Heritage Area.