Where urban renewal meets environmental consciousness.

This striking urban renewal development was brought forth through tremendous teamwork between NZCEL and Isthmus Architects.  The project team was tasked with transforming an old parking lot into a public space that would bring new life to the Wellington waterfront.  This alone would be challenging, but the project had another goal. It aimed to provide a habitat for a New Zealand treasure, the kororā (or little blue) penguin.  With such a challenge, Isthmus Architects designed something brand new for this location, with NZCEL at the helm for any engineering requirements.  We were well-suited for the task as we specialize in outside-the-box thinking.  The deck, tree structure, bridges, and platforms were all new creations.  Together, our innovative thinking paid off, and we, alongside Isthmus Architects, were awarded a gold pin award for our work on Kumutoto North.

These awarding winning designs do more than just catch the eye.   The structures were designed to withstand extreme wind due to the exposure along the Wellington coastline. They were also designed to withstand high earthquake loads, so that this new development can protect the nearby people and native fauna in the event of a disaster.